George Samuel Clason biography


George Samuel Clason (Джордж Самюэль Клейсон) —American writer and entrepreneur. Author of the book «The Richest Man in Babylon.» Founder map of «Clason IEP». Zodiac — Scorpio.

George Samuel Clason was born on November 7, 1874 in Louisiana, Missouri. He is a graduate of the University of Nebraska, he served in the US Army during the Spanish-American War. Early in his career he founded the publishing company cartographic «Clason MEP» in Denver, Colorado, and published the first road atlas of the United States and Canada.

In 1926 he published the first Clason essay about the economy and financial success, in which he used a form of «Babylonian parables»: they were written in cuneiform tablets found in the territory between the rivers. This information was confirmed by the British Association of Archaeologists: Clason repeatedly turned to them for help in his research, passing incoherent fragments of texts that he could not translate.

The first buyers of such stories have become employees of banks and insurance companies. Later, these works have become a model of publications in the field of strategy acquisition of wealth, they had reflected the wisdom of traders and moneylenders.

Unlike Og Mandino, who in his work «The world’s greatest success» and «World’s Greatest trader» addressed to the days of Jesus Christ and the city of Jerusalem, Sangiorgi Clason takes the reader on a six thousand years ago in ancient Babylon. The city is synonymous with prosperity, as well as an outstanding example of human will and zeal towards the achievement of the great goal.

Clason works read by millions of people, and the book «The Richest Man in Babylon» has become a modern classic economic literature. It is a real cure for poverty. The book will help the reader, if he seriously decided to become rich, to look into the essence of financial problems. Author discusses the principles of universal and immutable. They have proven their effectiveness, becoming the key to a stable financial progress and prosperity.

Arcad — the protagonist of the book in the dialogues with the residents of Babylon tells the story of his success and gives them the seven rules of enrichment and five laws of wealth. Proverbs Arcade presented in simple, accessible language, and recommendations embody the practical wisdom of several generations of the most fortunate people of Babylon.

In the parables of the reader does not find trendy psychological biases. The basic idea of the narrative — to provide an opportunity for each person, regardless of time and place of residence to secure a decent life and old age, and take care of his family bed of roses. Money today are subject to the same laws that ruled the world capital in ancient Babylon. Reading the rules, just need to replace gold with a modern twist on the means of exchange, which are used in a given historical moment. For example, it is now — money.

7 rules of enrichment

  • 1. Begin to fill your wallet. Delay 1/10 of all their income.
  • 2. Control your expenses. Bring your budget for the remaining 9/10.
  • 3. multiply their wealth. The goal — to get to work and generate income accumulated. Wealth multiplies only if works, and not just lying. Each coin has to work and generate income in your wallet.
  • 4. Protect your wealth from losses. The basic principle of investment — to ensure its safety. Once the wallet is full, it is necessary to guard against possible losses. Invest only in guaranteed events, where the money can be picked up at any moment.
  • 5. Turn your home into a profitable enterprise. If at least 1/9 of the 9/10 will generate revenue — our wealth will grow even stronger. Become the owner of your own home.
  • 6. provide income for the future, not to be in need of old age, when it will be impossible to work with. And to your family did not need after your death.
  • 7. Improve the ability to earn. Wise, improve their literacy and skills in various fields.

5 Rules of wealth

  • 1. Gold reaches for someone who puts a tenth of their income, providing future for themselves and their family.
  • 2. Gold operates in full on the wise owner who invests it in a profitable business.
  • 3. Gold needs to be protected, because prefers care and advice of wise people.
  • 4. Gold is not like being forced to work in an area where people are not well versed.
  • 5. Gold uskalzyvaet of those who invest in adventurous or ill-conceived projects, embodying the romantic dreams of riches.

George Clason died April 7, 1957 in Napa, California.


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