Roundup: 2016 in makeup looks


I hope you had a wonderful new years eve! Let’s start the new year with a recap, shall we? What makeup did I wear in 2016? Here’s a handful of looks in a somewhat correct order of appearance. Link to blog posts under each picture!

Which one is your favourite? Did you try any of the products I’ve recommended?


I found my holy grail false lashes. LINK

canary yellow

I wore bright yellow lids in spring. LINK

dark era

I also found the perfect John Galliano-esque dark lipstick. LINK

crumble to dust

I fell in love with pinks all over again. LINK

birkin brown

This lipstick found its way into my life. LINK


Sharp winged liner did a solid comeback, first time in years. LINK

underage red

And the brightest, most amazing red? Here it is. LINK


The cool toned smokey eye was a solid favourite. LINK

watery grave

And dark grey, why not. LINK


And GLITTER of course, probably my main focus this year! LINK

color riot

I wore the matte rusty eyeshadows that ruled Instagram this year. LINK

stay angry

I also found my way back to weirder looks again. LINK


I’ve been colour clashing quite a bit. LINK


Did stuff inspired by music videos.. LINK


I wore eyebrow pencil on my lips quite a lot, lifehack! LINK

zou bisou bisou

Went back to the 60′s.. LINK


Loved combining super fresh skin with glitter. LINK

super nova

More colour clashing and some black lips. LINK

area 51

A friend gave me the perfect (ALIEN THEMED) teal green eyeshadow. LINK


Found the weirdest coolest multichrome eyeliner. LINK


Did some kind of evil fairy look for halloween. LINK


And I discovered the perfect dreamy eyeshadow palette for dimensional space-y smokey eyes. LINK

stoned rose

Ohh clumpy lashes, how I love you. LINK


And just a basic matte black eye, YES please. LINK


Why not some superhero colours? LINK


Or insanely tropical. LINK


Rocky horror glitter lips! LINK

we are the new diabolic

Smokey lips. I decided it’s a thing. LINK


At the end of the year I really fell deep into neons. LINK

oily night

And I wore mad scientist brows. LINK


And as always: pinks!! LINK


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