WWE This is How Alberto del Rio and John Cena Come to Their Fight Tonight


John Cena will officially return to the ring tonight on Monday Night RAW. The 15-time world champion will be facing the man who snatched the United States championship from him last October, Alberto Del Rio. Both fighters have worked a lot together and know each other perfectly in the ring, so it is not No wonder this fight was chosen for a long-awaited return like John Cena’s. Note that the belt will not be in play tonight. 

Alberto Del Rio surprised everyone in Hell in a Cell when he answered John Cena’s open challenge and defeated him cleanly, thus removing him from circulation. Tonight’s bout is not expected to have a similar outcome, however,Nor does it look like Cena is going to have a triumphant steroide online kaufen erfahrungen welcome . Since he returned, Alberto Del Rio has been adrift participating in inconsequential combat and without a fully defined character. This situation pissed off many members of the board, since their disbursed a large amount of money for their recruitment. The creatives finally decided to separate him from Zeb Colter to occupy a place in the ‘League of Nations’, where now he is acquiring a greater but and prestige in the main roster. 

The  facesThey tend to be victorious in non-televised events, especially when it comes to a stellar event, but in the case of Cena vs Del Rio this weekend it has not been like that. The bouts, which have received good reviews from attendees, were very even and all ended by disqualification in favor of John Cena. Alberto ended up applying a  Low Blow , thus giving Cena the victory without having to be defeated cleanly. After the fight, his teammates from the ‘League of Nations’ came to the rescue to be ‘humiliated’ by Cena. In this way the champion does not receive a  pinfall and John can look powerful . So, if there is no last minute change, this would stanozolol bestellen be the  bookeo chosen for tonight’s fight. The creatives want to send the happy public home, but prevent Cena from defeating Del Rio cleanly, more than anything because the plans for John facing the ‘Road to WrestleMania’ are not around the United States championship. 

John Cena is in great shape and it seems that these two months away from the rings have not taken its toll. Today he was present on NBC Today, a morning show by the North American network, to promote his latest films, as well as his return to WWE. In addition to this John will be the cover of the month of January of the famous bodybuilding magazine ‘Muscle & Fitness’.

For his part, Alberto Del Rio has been heating up the situation through social networks, calling Cena a «false hero.» Del Rio, inside the  kayfabe , is confident and confident for his fight tonight. «Things have changed Juanito — I will carry the US championship on RAW now, » said ‘El Patrón’. Finally, also note that Del Rio wore a new outfit last night , leaving aside his characteristic swimsuits. The champion wore shiny pants that caused good reactions among the public. We will see if it is an isolated event or if on the contrary we are facing a change of  look .